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We don't use 2500 ingredients that are unnecessary for your skin and the earth

There are more than 10,000 cosmetic ingredients.

Dryness, roughness, stickiness, redness, pores, itching, tingling sensation.

There must be reasons your skin gets irritated by cosmetics, that are meant to make your skin look good.

We devoted ourself to investigate possible risks of allergy and irritation of each ingredient

Just so that we can support you to overcome long-lasting skin problems.

Ingredients not used by CONCIO

First EWG Verified skincare in Japan

When you see the EWG VERIFIED™ mark on a product,
you will know that the product meets EWG's strictest criteria for transparency and health.

When you see the mark, you can be confident that it’s free from known harmful chemicals.

CONCIO is the first Japanese cosmetics brand that is EWG Verified.

Don't give up just because you have sensitive skin

We do not use any ingredients that pose a high risk to skin or health.

Supports sensitive skin from the ground up with strict, world-class standards.

Don't you choose cosmetics because it just “looks good”

Just because it's organic, naturally derived, or vegan, it doesn't necessarily mean the cosmetic is good for your skin.

Your skin might be irritated
because is natural.

Yes, it's true that natural ingredients can be the reason of the redness, itching, and allergies of your skin

We don't use ingredients that have no meaning for your skin

We only use ingredients that have been proved by evidence and data, and never use meaningless ingredients that

・only create a luxurious texture
・only feel good right after applied on your skin
・feel moisturized only when applied

Ingredients we never use

Because we've thoroughly researched cosmetic ingredients, many people ask us for advice about their skincare routine.

We are happy to answer any questions because there is no point in using CONCIO if your other skincare routines are wrong.

  • Women with sensitive skin in her 40s

    I have sensitive skin and can't find cosmetics that suit me.

  • Woman with redness of skin in her 30s

    My skin usually turns red when I use new cosmetics.

  • Woman with combination skin in her 30s

    My T-zone always feels sticky but dry.

  • Woman with dry skin in her 30s

    Even though I use various moisturizers, my skin gets dry quickly.

  • Woman with rough skin in her 20s

    I always find pores on my skin and it feels rough.

  • Woman with adult acne in her 40s

    I've been suffering from acne and pimples for a long time.

  • Man with aging skin in his 40s

    Do I have to give up on wrinkles around my neck and eyes?

  • Woman with aging skin in her 50s

    Do I have to use this and that as I get older?

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Only good things here

Best for you if you've tried many kinds "for sensitive skin", but had no success.

We carefully chose and use ingredients that are safe, and that we believe would truly work on your skin.

Deliver only what your skin really needs

Using a lot of skincare products may not be the right thing for you.

"I wish I had used CONCIO since I was younger"

Many of our users tell us so because the feeling of their skin proves avoiding unnecessary things can solve your long-time skin problem.

Minimal is the best

CONCIO does not contain anything unnecessary for your "best-ever" skin.

Removes and moisturizes

A rich oil formula made with just six ingredients.

Removes dirt smoothly without putting strain on the skin.

While addressing pores and blackheads,
Leaves skin feeling moisturized after washing.
Create the foundation for the best skin you've ever had.

Start with serum

Yeast extract with high concentration of natural active ingredients and sodium hyaluronate, which is the key to plump your skin.

Simple, but contains what you need to grow healthy skin. Say good bye to "that rough feelings".

Keep your skin moisturized with milky cream

We selected 9 moisturizing ingredients from among those that cleared CONCIO's safety standards.

While adjusting your skin's natural sebum balance, it helps to reinforces moisture with plump and glow. Keep your skin fresh and never feel crunchy dryness again.

"I can't go back to anything else"
"No matter what I did it was dry."

It retains the moisture that you may have unconsciously removed, and removes any dirt or clogs that you may not have been able to remove.

CONCIO Cleansing Oil offers the right cleansing solution.

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All in One Serum 30mL(約2ヶ月分) - CONCIO

Our best seller
All in One Serum

"I feel like my pores have gone."
“I can’t do it without this serum”

All in One Serum has a lot enthusiastic fans.

The secret to their happy skin is Glycyrrhizic acid, a skin conditioning ingredient, and three of organic plant extracts.

They best work on the pores and moisturize the skin while reducing stiffness, roughness, and oily texture.

*All plant extracts are COSMOS organic certificated
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All in One Milk Cream 120mL(約2ヶ月分) - CONCIO

Stable skin supported by
All in One Milk Cream

“Even in winter, I spent a whole day without feeling dry.”
“This may be the first moisturizer I can use without feeling uncomfortable.”

Many people with sensitive skin love
All in One Milk Cream.

While being light yet very moisturizing, it repairs skin that has become weakened after incorrect or excessive skincare routines.

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Don't you have any lotion?

There is no lotion, in order to minimize the number of substances that come into contact with the skin. CONCIO is not only about safety and gentleness, but also about skin feel, so it is a concentrated formula that provides sufficient moisture in just two steps.

What skin types can use it?

Recommended for all skin types, including sensitive skin*, dry skin, dull skin*, mature skin, and combination skin.

It is a unique formula that has been thoroughly researched to address each problem, such as dryness, stickiness, and greasiness. It is used by people of all ages, genders, and skin types.

*This does not mean that irritation will not occur in everyone.
*Dry skin and dull skin caused by old dead skin cells

Is anti-aging treatment possible?

It is also recommended for those who are concerned about skin care according to age.

The carefully selected beauty ingredients combined in two steps give the skin firmness and radiance, helping to create a youthful appearance.

How much can I use per bottle?

Although it depends on how you use it, each product is designed to last for about one and a half to two months.

The feel of All in One Milk Cream is different from usual

The natural beeswax contained in All in One Milk may harden into fine particles due to changes in outside temperature, which may make the milk feel rough.

You can use it without any problems with the quality, but to avoid friction on the skin, take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and gently apply it to your skin with the pads of your fingers.
When it warms up with body heat, it melts again and blends into the skin.

We hope you understand that this is a characteristic of naturally derived ingredients.

The color of All in One Serum and Cleansing Oil is different than usual

CONCIO products are made with an abundance of natural ingredients and only the bare minimum of ingredients. Therefore, the color and scent of the natural ingredients may vary depending on the season.

Please rest assured that there are no quality issues and you can use it without worry.
We hope you understand that this is a characteristic of naturally derived ingredients.

We promise

1. Truly gentle on the skin

We always conduct safety research on the ingredients and take into account the risk of skin irritation, the development of allergies and skin diseases.

We never use ingredients that do not meet CONCIO standards, regardless of whether they are natural, synthetic, or organic.

2. Consider your health

We take into consideration the effects of cosmetic ingredients on the human body and health, such as dermal absorption, carcinogenicity, and hormonal effects.

Ingredients that do not meet CONCIO standards will never be used in any of our products, regardless of whether they are natural, synthetic, or organic.

3. Protect the beautiful ocean and earth

We never use over 1200 microplastics (including synthetic polymers and silicone oil) as well as ingredients whose biodegradability is uncertain.

We never use ingredients that pollute the earth and oceans in exchange for getting ourselves beautiful.

4. Do not harm other living things

We never use ingredients that may put a burden on other living things or workers, nor ingredients that threaten the lives of aquatic organisms after washed down the drain.

All CONCIO products are not tested on animals (of course).

5. We don't hide anything

We are always open to share information about 2,500 ingredients that we does not use, and about what we believe is important for our users' skin and the earth.

Opinions and inquiries to CONCIO
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