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Don't cheat

There is a difference between something that looks good and something that makes your skin happy.
What seems kind to the earth doesn't necessarily mean it's kind to the earth.

I wanted to create something that is truly good for human skin and health, as well as the ocean and the earth.

We thoroughly research the ingredients of cosmetics,
When we choose ingredients that we don't want to use,
There were over 2500.

We do not include ingredients that are not good for your skin or health.

not returned to nature
It does not contain more than 1200 ingredients.

Rather than prioritizing image, be honest.
We deliver skin care that is kind to your skin and the earth.

Our Story

My child developed atopic dermatitis.
That all happened one day.

The shampoo or body cream may be the cause.
I checked all the ingredients in the cosmetics I was using.

And the cosmetics we use,
I learned that there are many ingredients that are not kind to your skin or the planet.

allergies, hormonal imbalance,
Cancer, reproductive dysfunction, decreased immunity,
Rough skin, dry skin.

The cause of our skin and body problems is
What may be hidden in cosmetic ingredients?
I was confused.

Ingredients that are taken for granted in many cosmetics are
The fact that we are polluting the ocean and the earth was shocking.

I was looking for cosmetics that are kind to human skin, health, and the earth.
I was shocked at how few options there were.

At CONCIO, we hope that everyone can use it with confidence.
This is the brand I created.

True kindness is
I hope it reaches you too

CONCIO 5 promises

1. Don't tease your skin

Just because the ingredients in cosmetics are naturally derived or organic does not mean they are safe and gentle on the skin.

Just like there are people with fruit allergies and people with hay fever,
Because it is a plant grown in a harsh natural environment,
It can be too harsh for human skin.

So that as many people as possible can use it,
CONCIO has established its own standards.

Ingredients that are likely to cause skin problems are:
No ingredients are added, regardless of whether they are naturally derived or synthetic.

2. Protect the beautiful ocean and earth

The summit of Mount Everest, the bottom of the Mariana Trench, tap water, vegetables, fruits, rain, air, human lungs and blood,
Microplastics have been found in breast milk, fetal placenta, etc.

According to EU environmental groups,

Of the more than 10,000 cosmetic ingredients, more than 1,200 are considered microplastics and ingredients that may be poorly biodegradable.

To protect the beautiful ocean and earth,
These more than 1200 ingredients,
We don't mix it into all our products.

List of ingredients we don't use

3. Consider your health

Some cosmetic ingredients can be absorbed through the skin.

Cosmetics are things you apply to your skin almost every day.
The effects on the body of long-term use are unknown.

Ingredients that are likely to have endocrine disrupting effects, cancer, and effects on internal organs, reproductive organs, growth, and the immune system are:
No ingredients are added, regardless of whether they are naturally derived or synthetic.

4. Don't harm the environment

Humans coexist with the natural environment and other living things on this beautiful earth.

CONCIO is an ingredient that sacrifices the lives of other animals,
Ingredients that threaten the survival of our beautiful earth.
As much as possible, we avoid using raw materials obtained in working conditions that deprive people of human dignity.

In addition, in terms of containers and delivery methods,
Considering CO2 emissions and life cycle,
Prioritize environmentally friendly choices.

5. Don't hide anything

More than 2500 ingredients that CONCIO does not contain,
We actively publish information that we believe is important to our users and the planet.

We also value honest communication above all else.

Always take responsibility for our choices and actions,

Listen to their opinions and suggestions,
I will face it sincerely.

Opinions and suggestions to CONCIO
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